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Our Story

History: BIKE® Athletic began in 1874 by producing an athletic supporter for cyclists in Boston.  It became so popular amongst bicycle riders and messengers that the company named itself BIKE®.  

The jockstrap found its way into practical use in any sports activity as the basic men’s supporter. For nearly 150 years, BIKE® Athletic has produced over 350 million jockstraps. With the natural evolution of the brand, BIKE began creating additional athletic and compression gear, sporting products, and apparel.

BIKE® Athletic has always prided itself on staying true to the classic values of comfort, confidence, and protection that built the brand into what it is today. They will continue to serve a diverse market of body types and backgrounds.



 Mission: BIKE® is the true classic, representing the quality and comfort that established the original high standard. Our products are made for the bold. They provide value, function and support to Athletes, Trail Blazers, and GOATs of all kinds. BIKE® will continue to deliver the support and confidence that allows all BIKE® consumers to stand tall – and play proudly.