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Our story begins in 1874 when Charles Bennett, an avid cycler, invented the first jockstrap. Cycling over the cobbled streets of Boston on a penny farthing with a wooden seat and no springs proved painful for its male riders. So Charles developed an “athletic supporter” that would help protect the goods and ‘keep all the furniture in one room’ as the cyclist moved throughout the city.

Over 150 years and 350 million jockstraps later, BIKE® Athletic still prides itself on staying true to the classic values of comfort, confidence, and protection that built the brand into what it is today.

The garment then caught the moniker “bicycle jockey strap,” named after those who rode bikes—bike jockeys. In the 1890s, thanks to the jockstrap's success, Charles started the Bike Web Company, which later became BIKE Athletic. The jockstrap's design morphed from featuring an elastic waistband and leg straps to including a protective cup pocket—providing crucial support to the male anatomy during physical activities. This new design helps to prevent injuries and offers unparalleled comfort, making it an essential piece of athletic gear for athletes in sports like football, baseball, and hockey.

BIKE is fundamentally an underwear company, a bottoms brand if you will. With deep roots in athletic heritage, we know a man’s body and what he needs to feel confident, supported, sexy, and comfortable throughout his day and activities.


As BIKE's innovation quickly transcended its cycling origins, finding broader applications in various sports, BIKE Athletic solidified its reputation as a leading supplier of athletic apparel, offering the highest quality athletic pads, football uniforms, helmets, and more. However, the jockstrap remained an iconic product synonymous with the brand. The company's commitment to innovation and quality made it a trusted name in the sports industry.